Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

My friend, Sarah, and I were recently having lunch on a typically cold and gray NYC day. We went to our local Mexican restaurant and decided to have the Chicken Lime Tortilla soup. It consisted of a passable chicken soup garnished with a lime wedge and tortilla strips. It really hit the spot on that frigid day but I felt it was missing something. So, of course, I decided to see if I could improve upon it myself. Because I'm always up for a challenge and what can go wrong with chicken soup?

Soon after that cold day, an e-mail from Sarah popped up in my in-box. It was a recipe for a variation of the tortilla soup that just happened to appear in The New York Times that day. I love coincidences. You can see it here:

While I think this version sounds interesting, I really wanted one based on chicken soup. There's nothing like a good bowl of chicken soup (aka Jewish penicillin) when you're sick or missing your mommy or just damn cold. I tinkered around with my "traditional" soup recipe (generally reserved for Jewish holidays and bad bouts with the common cold) and came up with this version. Full disclosure - I did borrow the idea of nuking the tortillas instead of frying them since it cuts down on the fat and allows me to call this "healthy" too.

In keeping with my new favorite phrase the soup is definitely frugal and I think it's pretty freakin' fabulous. You can shred the chicken into the soup for a heartier meal. Or you can season it a little more and use it as a filling for quesedillas or the basis for a Mexican spiced chicken salad. Some of the guacamole from my previous entry makes a nice accompaniment with some chips, too.

I hope you like it. Oh, and have you guessed where I am yet?

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Lime
Recipe is coming - I swear! Cut me some slack - I just got back from vacation. Make some guacamole or cupcakes while you wait.

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