Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saying Yes

This post has nothing to do with food.  So if you've come looking for that try back tomorrow.

Today I tried an experiment.  I spent the day with my daughter and I said "yes" to everything.  While it seems indulgent at first read it really wasn't.  I thought she might take advantage of my beneficence once she caught on.  But she didn't.  In fact she almost stopped asking for things after the first few positive responses and did everything I expected her to do and then some.  

This isn't a revolutionary idea.  I've read articles about parents trying this but I'd never really given it much thought.  Then she asked if we could spend our mother-daughter day in Times Square.  If you know me you know that Times Square is easily my least favorite location in all of New York City.  It might even rank up there as my least favorite place in the world. 

But something made me say yes and I decided to go with yes for the rest of the day.  While in Times Square I also said yes to: going to Toys R Us (if you haven't been to the Toys R Us in Times Square DON'T GO); buying something at Toys R Us; sitting on the steps in over the tkts booth while sharing *gasp* a candy bar and chatting about anything and everything; going to the M&Ms store; and buying ridiculously overpriced but beautifully colored M&Ms.  And you know what?  I had a blast. 

On our way home I continued my little experiment.  Yes we can share lunch.  Yes we can have the sandwich with the avocados and tomatoes.  Yes you can just have water.  Yes you may be excused to go to the bathroom.  Yes we can look at the used books at the fair.  Yes you can have those few books. 

Once we got home we kept up with it.  Yes you can pick some music to listen to.  Yes we can have a dance party.  Yes you can sit and read quietly now.  Yes you can practice the piano now.    Yes you can stay up a little late and watch the Glee finale.  Yes you can go put on your PJs and brush your teeth now. Yes we can have a sleepover.  And you know what?  I still had a blast.  And I'm pretty sure she did, too, given how many times she thanked me for today.

Pardon the quality of the Blackberry photo
I'm not going to continue saying yes to everything she asks for but today taught me that going against my first instinct (which is clearly to say NO, a lot) isn't a comfortable place to go but it can lead to a wonderful day.

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eygreensc said...

Melissa - I have asked myself several times how much it would cost me if I said yes to everything Jayson wanted in a day. I never, ever considered actually doing it.

Bravo to you!