Sunday, February 8, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Hi my pretties, it's been a while.

I could bore you with how sick I've been (cough, cough for emphasis). I could tell you about all of my kitchen failures (Gourmet magazine I'm talking to YOU!). Or I could just fess up and tell the truth - my heart hasn't been in it lately so I haven't been blogging.

But, I have a whole bunch of posts saved up.

Tune in for Staples (no, not office supplies - things you should always have in your pantry), Parmesan Pull-Aparts (a big fat FAIL - imagine me wagging my finger at an issue of Gourmet magazine - but they did smell good), Samoa Cookie Bars (a huge success but with room for improvement), and an afternoon in Chinatown.


Shawn said...

Posts saved up just like mine are probably...which means I have an idea, and do nothing? Like that?

Melissa said...

Oooh. My first comment!

Actually I will write down notes, or recipes, or post pictures to blog entries and then just save them rather than publish them. Of course, that means taking the time to go back, edit, correct, and publish. I have 8 such posts awaiting a ton of polishing.